Fascinating plants between Earth and Sea

Seaweeds (in Latin Alga) are vegetal chlorophyll organisms, which can be aquatics and terrestrials.

Opposite to terrestrial plants, seaweeds don’t have any roots, flowers, stems, sheets.

They are organized in three parts:

  • The frond : the raised part of the seaweed;
  • The stipe : false stem which link the holdfast and the frond;
  • The holdfast is like the feet of seaweeds, it permits to stick on the rock for instance.
  • Those parts consist the thallus.
Photo prise au Trez-Hir (Plougonvelin) le 20 octobre 2016, par Julien Hageaux, Appareil Photographique : Canon EOS 600D

Photo takes in Trez-Hir (Plougonvelin) the 20 october 2016, by Julien Hageaux, with Canon EOS 600D

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